Prima is Latin for "First". A very suiting name, since it is the first collection from Sayora. The body of the watch, the case, has a silvery shine of stainless steel of the type 316L. A strong material which has been formed to give the watch a classic look. The caseback is largely made from mineral glass as to allow the owner to see into the soul of the watch.

The movement is automatic and fully plated in gold - A Miyota 82S0. The kinetic energy generated when wearing the watch makes the movement wind itself, keeping your Prima alive. At different places around the movement, there are a total of 21 jewels to help minimize the friction between the moving mechanical parts, making the movement more precise and durable. The movement has a 42 hour power reserve - the time the watch can be totally still from fully wound without stopping. 

 The dial is offered in two different colours; Sea Blue and Sail White . The silvery hands and indices fits beautifully with th case and gives the whole watch a classic look, while the gliding seconds hand conveys a calm. Above the dial is a protecting sapphire glass. 

Changing the bracelet is like changing the watch altogether. Two different bracelets can give the same watch two completely different personalities. For the collection Prima, three different bracelets are offered; Stainless Steel, Nato Strap and Leather. The steel bracelet gives the watch a authoritarian personality while the brown leather strap highlights the stylishness and maturity of the watch. The sea blue nato strap makes the watch more relaxed.