The story of Sayora began when our founder and CEO Johan Ekberg was only five years of age...

 "Steady now son, be careful with the throttle. Steer a little to starboard and aim for the island on the horizon."

At that age I didn't really know what starboard meant. All I knew was that with my hand on the helm, and my proud father beside me, I felt free. To feel the waves gently nudging the boat while we were headed for the summer cottage that we always used to visit during summer breaks, filled me with joy. It wasn't so much about the destination, but rather the adventure of getting there. My father teaching me how to safely navigate, while still letting me be responsible for my own journey, made me proud and filled me up with feelings of freedom. These feelings are what I associate with the boat. The boat called Sayora. 

Now that I'm older, I know that starboard isn't some shiny ball in the night sky, but rather a direction. My new direction is to mediate the same feelings of freedom that I felt as a young boy, when navigating the boat. I hope to complete that mission by offering a timeless and qualitative product that reminds people of what is most important; To spend your time being free. With this in mind, what product would be better suited than a unique wristwatch?

-Johan Ekberg, CEO and founder of Sayora